What does yellow mean to you?

Sun, gold, sunflowers... Yellow is the colour of the sun that radiates and warms its surroundings, that dazzles just like gold. It attracts success and the public. Yellow foods, such as honey, oil, wheat́, corn, store the sun's energy, its light, its warmth and bring us energy and their vitamins.

Symbolised by a sun, the yellow component describes how a person influences and interacts with others. This behaviour results from an orientation towards action in an environment perceived as favourable.

The main characteristics of a yellow personality are

Optimism, enthusiasm, communication, spontaneous actions and decisions.
Seeks esteem and recognition, likes to work in groups.
Creativity, tendency to dream, talent for persuasion and sense of improvisation.
Different levels of yellow in a profile:


People with a lot of yellow in their behaviour style are often sociable and communicative. On the colour compass, yellow perceives the environment in a favourable/sociable way and is extraversion/action oriented.

A yellow person will be described by others as enthusiastic and sociable. Always looking for human contact, they like to collaborate and interact.

Yellow in a few words

Optimistic - Enthusiastic - Communicative - Spontaneous - Creative - Persuasive - Dreamer - Inspirational - Friendly - Demonstrative - Enthusiastic - Assertive - Expansive

To communicate well with a yellow personality you need to :

  • Be relational, warm and enthusiastic, share the fun and let it show.
  • Be creative and informal, show the person that you (really) like them
  • Enter their network of influence.

Summary table

Perception "I can influence my environment Favourable perception of the environment Other-oriented and action-oriented.
Motivations The relationship with others, social recognition and creativity.
Fears Fear of no longer being loved or recognised and fear of losing freedoḿ.
Causes of stress Conflicting environment, rules, procedures, constraints. Details, staying put. Working in isolation.

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