What does red mean to you?

Blood, love, the fire engine, the red cross...

It is the colour of strength, of activitý, of speed́. A symbol of fire, red is lava, incandescence, heat. Infrared rays provide a sensation of heat. This colour shows the determination of people to act.

Symbolised by an arrow, the red component describes how you set goals, solve problems and approach challenges.

The main characteristics of a red personality:

  • Speed, energy, decisive action, result-oriented.
  • Taste for competition, seeking maximum independence.
  • Seeks maximum freedom to manage self and others.
  • Result-oriented rather than relationship-oriented, working quickly and alone.
  • Decides quickly.

Different levels of red in a profile :


People with a lot of red in their behaviour style are often outspoken and direct. On the colour compass, red perceives the environment in a hostile way and is oriented towards extraversion/action.

Quick and in action, a red seeks out challenges.

Red in a few words

Fast - Decisive - Energetic - Competitive - Independent - Demanding - Enterprising - Determined - Direct - Authoritarian - Leader -- Courageous

To communicate well with a predominantly red person, you must :

  • Get straight to the point, state your objectives and ask about your own
  • Be concise and assertive, go straight to the point if you sense impatience in the other person
  • Emphasise what they have to gain by going your way, get them to be the driving force and decision-maker
  • Get them to move if possible, as they will then listen better
  • Value their sense of challenge and reactivity

Summary table

Perception of one's environment: "I will be stronger than my environment Perceived hostile, action-oriented environment.
Motivations Leading, winning, deciding, solving problems. Operating in a world of competition and pressure. Acting quickly and multitasking.
Fears Fear of losing face, fear of being taken advantage of and fear of failure.
Causes of stress Dislikes slowness, gets bored quickly and fears immobility

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