What does green mean to you?

Nature, hope, pharmacy signs, the green number...

Green is a symbol of life, growth, harmony and stabilitý like this tree well anchored by its roots. It is a colour that comforts, relaxes and is good to be surrounded by.

Symbolised by a circle, the green component describes how a person stabilises their environment and reacts to changes in rhythm. This behaviour is the result of an introverted orientation in a perceived supportive environment.

The main characteristics of a green personality:

  • Careful, stable and patient, likes personalised relationships.
  • Seeks consistency and harmony, needs to anticipate.
  • Dislikes conflict, actively supports and listens to others.
  • Seeks security and a sense of belonging.

Different levels of green in a profile :


People with a lot of green in their behavioural style are often discreet and cooperative. They perceive the environment in a favourable/sociable way and are introverted/reflective.

A green person will be described by others as a consistent, calming and listening person who can anticipate and plan for the long term.

Green in a few words

Empathetic - Listening - Attentive - Slow - Patient - Understanding - Stable - Calm - Relaxed - Consistent - Methodical - Loyal - Realistic - Cooperative

To communicate well with a green personality, you need to :

  • Be empathetic, relational and friendly, create a relationship of partnership and solidarity.
  • Give yourself time to build trust little by little.
  • Do not expose them by asking their opinion, accompany them and help them to decide.
  • Be patient and put them at ease.

Summary table

Perception "I can stabilise my environment" Favourable perception of the environment and introverted orientation.
Motivations Be useful to others, evolve in a stable, coherent and harmonious environment
Fears Loss of securitý, stabilitý and landmarks
Causes of stress Conflict, pressure, urgency, changes of pacePasser à la couleur bleue

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