What does blue mean to you?

The deep sea, the blue of work, the signs of the bond road, the ice...

Blue is the colour of the sky, of infinite space and the depth of the sea, which questions our origins and leads us to inner reflection, to questioning and to the search for information. The colour blue symbolises knowledge, respect for the laws (road signs of obligation).

Symbolised by the rigour of a square or frame, the blue component describes the way in which a person conforms and reacts to the rules and procedures laid down by others. This behaviour is the result of a reflective orientation in a perceived hostile environment.

The main characteristics for a blue dominant personality are:

  • Search for facts and logical explanations.
  • Careful actions and decision making, organisation, structure and detail.
  • Analytical and task-oriented focus, working alone with great precision.

Different levels of blue in a profile :


People with a lot of blue in their behavioural style perceive the environment in a hostile way, and are oriented towards introversion/reflection.

A dominant blue person will be described by others as factual, logical, organised, organising, structuring and controlling.

Blue in a few words

Precise - Perfectionist - Demanding - Exact - Cautious - Orderly - Conventional - Factual - Analytical - Distant - Structured - Distant - Realistic

To communicate well with a blue personality you need to :

  • Be precise, factual and structured.
  • Prepare interviews in advance.
  • Introduce the subject, the context and validate the time needed.
  • Take time for details.
  • Don't rush and be distant without touching the person.
  • Do not try to warm up the atmosphere.

Summary table

Perception "I can conform to my environment" Unfavourable perception of the environment and introverted orientation.
Motivations Conforming to high standards in a perceived hostile environment.
Fears Fear of error, fear of loss of securitý.

Causes of stress

Fears criticism and does not like to be caught unawares. Does not like to work in a hurry. Fears lack of rules

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