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Discover our online profiles, which will allow you to develop your full potential. Based on the work of Jung and on W. M. Marston's DISC (Dominance - Influence - Stability - Conformity), they allow you to highlight your behavioural characteristics.

Carried out by companies in 38 countries, in several thousand copies, the expert system delivers a report of 11 to 26 pages depending on the test chosen. The algorithm analyses and compares your different answers and describes your behavioural preferences in your natural and adapted style.

In addition, the profile describes your discomfort zone (opposite style) and the type of behaviour you have the most difficulty communicating with. It offers you personalised keys to communicate with those who seem to come straight from another planet.

The 4Colors Profile is a powerful tool that will allow you to enhance your uniqueness. Discover the test you need:

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Expertise from the professional world at the service of the general public! This 11-page profile will help you to know yourself better, gain confidence and communicate better with those around you.





The profile dedicated to change management professionals. Whether you are a coach, a manager, a consultant, a trainer or an HR professional, the Pro profile will allow you to rationalise and professionalise your approach and to differentiate yourself.